[[New Felda]]

After 55 years living in exile, and following the death of his father, and with his mother ailing and aging, Crown Prince Arohin resolved that his people must come together once amore. He rallied the remnant of his folk, and set up the colon/city of New Felda at the base of the Ashmount, on the Isle of Ashe that had been deserted for over a century, renaming it New Felda.

The city is less than 10 years old, but growing at a vast rate due to the vast mineral wealth to be found beneath the Ashmount, and the fertility of the island. It also has plains for horse rearing, that have been developed with the aid of stoneshapers from the Great Library.

 Arohin’s court now contains many of the families that were powerful in old Felda. This is celebrated by The People, as it means that an additional thorn in the side of the Erran Empire. Many of the Free Nations are pleased as it means that they are no longer harboring refugees, the dwarfs of The Spire especially, as they played host to the Aro royal line.

The city itself sits at the base of the Ashmount, and some of the dwarf stoneworkers and shapers who came with him have begun carving the royal palace out of the rock, in the shape of a cavalry charge. The hall of the stone shapers, the royal palace and the NF Library all sit apart from the wider city itself, closer to the Ashmount, and the standing force of militia, under the watchful eye of the Feldan Marshals sits to the east of the city, overlooking the settlements set up on the plains, and to guard from the attack that all Feldas fear.

The Isle of Ash is wild and untamed, apart from the area at the base of the Ashmount.

Rumors in New Felda of a secret new weapon that the Dwarfs of The Spire created during the Feldan stay there are rampant in the streets, but are hushed over at court.

[[New Felda]]

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