The city of Al-Khamir is known and the "Jewel of the Sands" and is the only city north of the free nations on the northern landmass not to have fallen under the control of the Erran Empire. Al-Khamir is one of the oldest human settlements.

It is situated nearly three hundred miles west of Elicante, deep in the Amari Desert, it can only exist due to the life giving Khamir Oasis. After a single expedition ot conquer Al-Khamir, that resulted in the deaths of eight thousand troops to the desert sands, the Empire abandoned all plans of conquest of Al-Khamir.

The people of Al-Khamir are tough on crime, and life in the sands is hard. However the city is wealthy as all of the nomadic desert tribes must  come there to trade, and the exotic spices, foods and materials – particularly high quality glassware – that come out of the desert are prized amongst the "wetlander" peoples.

It is rumored that the current Sultan of Al-Khamir, Sultan Zahn, consorts with demons and other spirits, although this is thought to largely be idle superstition.

Khamiri traders and adventurers are found throughout the world, but their harsh accents and strange customs often mark them as outsiders. They are famed for their work with spear and with curved blade. Few Khamiri become librarians, although they have many spell casters amongst them. They claim that their magic needs no help from the library.


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