Clan Beckadull

"One People, One Goal"

Clan Colours: Green and Gold

Clan Symbol: The Eagle

Clan Leader: Thorrak Beckadull

Clan Arms: Two handed Hammer. No shields.


Clan Beckadull are almost the exact counterweight to the Ogdin and the Youngrim. Where they are fixated upon the defence of the Dwarf people, clan Beckadull are obsessed with making war. They too fight deep in the Underdark, yet rather than for their protection, they fight for expansion and dominance. Expeditions of Beckadull warriors leave Araz Spira every few dozen years on "Expeditions" and some have never returned. It is rumored in the Spire that these Dwarves either go to fight in distant wars, or to search for new territory that the dwarves may settle (or better yet, conquer).

Thorrak Beckadull and Drour Ogdin are of roughly the same age (270ish), and were fast childhood friends.In their youth, they both served in the breakers, and they took their Oathyear together, adventuring as far west as Al-Khamir, and as far north as the Erran Capitol. But though they left as the greatest of friends, they returned to the Spire separately, with Thorrak returning much later than anticipated. From then on, their previously warm friendship had disappeared. That was two hundred years ago, and it has never recovered. 

Clan Beckadull were the clan leaving furthest to the west, in their own hold, Araz Beckadull, and so it is considered b many young dwarves a miracle that they managed to escape in the Exodus. It is said that the story of their surivival, and how it was accomplished is passed down from each Clan leader to the next, yet no other dwarf is privy to the information.

In battle, Clan Beckadull warriors fight with the fury of the Dwarf people. With their two handed Warhammers, they are death manifest. Since the Exodus, no Beckadull has fought with a shield.





Clan Beckadull

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