Clan Youngrim

"Alone we are rocks, together we stand with the strength of a mountain."

Clan Colours: Ice blue with gold trim

Clan Symbol: Anvil, diagonally bisected with golden lightning. 

Clan Leader: Dagmin Greyfist

Clan Arms: One handed axe and shield

Clan Youngrim are not a wealthy clan. Nor are they a poor clan. What they are, however, is an old clan. It is said that the Youngrim, despite their name, may date back as the very oldest of dwarf clans. It is said that the distinctive white beards of the deep family are evidence of this fact. 

Clan Youngrim are the smiths of finely wrought weapons and armour, masterworks of art as well as extremely functional weapons and armour. They are the main artisans of the dwarf nation.

Clan Youngrim are, like all good dwarves, wary folk. Acting recklessly is bred out of them from when they are beardlings. As such, they are often the voice of caution within the Spire, believing that because the dwarves are long lived they should take advantage of such a gift.

They engage in intrigue regularly but primarily out of a desire to protect the dwarf people rather than their advancement. The Youngrim’s are an ancient clan, perhaps one of the first, meaning their voice commands respect.

As befits their great ages, and impeccable Dwarvishness, clan Youngrim are fixated upon the preservation and security of the Dwarf people. In this they stand shoulder to shoulder with Clan Ogdin. This pseudo-alliance is not explicit, and rarely acted upon, yet is an unspoken understanding within Araz Sprira. When the Dwarves march against the hordes of the Underdark, it is usually the Youngrim and Ogdin blues that front the assaults.

Clan Youngrim

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