Holy Thulahm

The Theocracy of Thulahm is about 1.5 times the size of the Erran Empire, and much more vastly populated, despite being the younger of the two super powers, having only been unified for around two hundred and fifty years.

It is governed by its religion. The religion is monotheistic, worshipping Ahm, the creator God. Ahm is depicted as loving and present, and manifests knowledge of himself through mortal relational aspects.

As such, “The People of Thulahm” (colloquially “the people”) are governed by the church of Ahm. At its head sits the Mother and Father (equivalent of two papal positions).

Beneath them, a series of “Uncles” and “Aunts” who are the senior priestly class.

The devout amongst The People will refer to everyone as Brother and Sister, although they are the official titles for the most junior clergy.

Thulahm is culturally and ethnically homogenous, its people have tan skin, and a range of hair colors. The males tend to become Paladins and warriors, and the women healers and governmental workers, although this is not set out in any holy law.

They respect the Elder Races as the first Creatures created by Ahm, and have few overtly imperial motives. As such, all are welcome in Holy Thulahm, although they are brutal with Erran spies that the deem to be divisive or blasphemous and they will not suffer the worship of other Gods in their realm.

The Mother and Father tend to play an effective balance to each other in this regard, as it is rare that two are appointed who have the same priorities with regards to domestic and foreign affairs. Many of The People travel the Erran Empire and the Free Nations to spread the Word of Ahm. They are tolerated in the Erran controlled regions, and loved in Frell. They find the Erran empire and its Pantheons to be an affront to Ahm, and will oppose its further expansion (as set down by Familial Decree number 683). Whilst they are culturally relatively tolerant, there is no freedom of religion in Thulahm.

The People are, as a rule, relatively happy with their governance and their deity.

Holy Thulahm

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