Melnir, the Mother

Melnir is the Dwarf goddess of the hearth, home, nature, motherhood, fertility, creation, and destruction. 

Melnir is often depicted as a Dwarf woman, with flowing blonde/golden hair. She is, most typically, depicted seated upon a throne flanked by two lions, with fur the same colour as her hair. a particular school of artistic expression Melnirism exists in dwarf culture – the various depictions of Melnir, and her lions Arn and Far.

Melnir and Aradin are the Mother and Father of the Dwarf race. They fashioned them from the bones of the mountain, in their own image, and instilled within them the dwarf culture and dwarf magic, with the help of Dagna, their daughter. Melnir has a great love for her children, and is the most likely of the Dwarfish Pantheon to be worshipped directly, and prayed to. It is often remarked by dwarfs who are in possession of good fortune, that they can see Melnir's guiding hand in their lives. The Landaald clan oversee much of Melnirs worship.

Melnir is, however, specifically the deity of the Ogdin Clan, who, though not especially religious, choose to represent their love of the Dwarf people by choosing Melnir as their clan symbol, or more commonly, the lion.



Melnir, the Mother

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