The People of the Sea of Shadows

Human – The most populous of all of the peoples. See the various regions wikis for more details of their factions and complexities.

Elves – See Vala Enclavis

Half Elf – It is rare that a half-elf ever comes to be, as a union of elf and human is so unlikely. Elf parents tend to be barely fertile, and they believe that siring offspring that are “cursed” with mortality is an affront to nature. However some such unions have been none to bear children.

Dwarf – See The Spire notes.

Goliath – The Goliaths  are very few in number. They live in tribes that are nomadic and largely move around the hilly regions. They are welcome everywhere, but are a curiosity everywhere too. There are some that have been conscripted into the Erran military when their regions were conquered, and the Vesperin seem to be able to persuade some to be their bodyguards. This is a (ish) common sight amongst the Vesperin bankers, and a curiosity as the Goliaths have little inclination towards to allure of Gold.

Gnome – That the gnomes exist is a strange thing. They appear to be of The great Library itsself. Little is known of them, so little in fact that many believe that they are perhaps entirely magical constructs. They can often be found as viziers and advisors in other areas, although these are not positions that they relish, often becoming bitter and resentful of their charges, as the library is unequivocally their home.

Halfling – The halfings of the region are referred to as “The Merry Folk” or "Tinkers" and are a nomadic people who travel in caravans. They are loved and welcomed in Holy Thulahm and are treated with distrust everywhere else, as they are assumed to be cheats and thieves. It is rumored that they have a ruling council and some kind of wider agenda, however few know any much more of this - it is often dismissed as at best superstition, and at worst racism. They're happy go lucky and pleasant, and make loyal companions

Aasimar/Tieflings – It is said that in ages gone by the Gods of the Free Pantheon consorted with humans, and it is from these roots that the great heroes of the Free Cities emerged. Every couple of generations a new hero or heroes will arise and gain prominence in the region. However, it is often hard to tell if the individually really has the blood of the gods, or if that is simply a legend. The offspring of Maal, god of the underworld are said to carry his unearthly magic, but also stigmata to mark them out as his kin.

Half Orc – Primitives from the mountain regions. They have little culture or sophistication. No one knows much about them, and they are unwelcome basically everywhere but the New Forest, and Vespis (if they’ve been hired). Besides raiders, they are Vespirin mercenaries.

Genasi – It is rumored that the Sultan of Al-Khamir consorts with spirits and demons and Djinn.

Firlbolgs – These rare people are said to have founded the New forest, and still play an active part in the region.

Aarakocra – It is rumored that there are a race of winged bird-like humanoids living in the dizzying heights of the Shadow Mountains, although few have seen them. The Goliath tell tales of them, and claim to have traded with them, although many of the  Goliath from the Dawn Hills claim that the Goliath do not trade.

Triton – ???

Tabaxi – ???

Dragonborm – ???

The People of the Sea of Shadows

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