The Spire - Araz Spira

Araz Spira. The great Dwarf stronghold to the east of the sea of shadows. The Spire has never fallen. Many consider it to be the safest place in all the Sea of Shadows. King Magni Karazul sits upon the Glimmering Throne. He is a good king. Respected. Slow to Anger. He is a good Dwarf.

The Spire is a single, vast mountain surrounded by eight much smaller peaks. The dwarves have delved deep into the rock beneath the Spire, and the Dwarves became so populous that the coastal mountains around The Spire have now been colonised by the eight great Dwarf Clans: Barronhall, Youngrim, Doygar, Ogdin, Hendrum, Malden, Landaald, Bekkatol.

The Spire is carved into ten wards. Each clan control a single ward. Upon entering The Spire through the Gates of Eternity, travellers enter the largest ward, the Common Ward. This is where much of the business of The Spire takes place. Above the Common Ward are the Wards of the minor clans. Beneath the Common Ward lie the wards of the five Elder Clans, and the Ward of the King, and beneath that the last of the mines, the Deep Mines, and the great river Zhuf Grimaz (The unyielding River) that connects the Spire to its outside holdings.

The Layout of the Spire

Landaald Ward

Malden Ward

Barronhall Ward

Common Ward

Ogdin Ward

Hendrum Ward

Beckadull Ward

Doygar Ward

The Royal Ward

Youngrim Ward

Zhuf Grimaz (The unyielding River)

The Deep Mines


The Spire - Araz Spira

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