Vala Enclavis

Vala Enclavis is the domain of the elves. It is a beautiful woodland realm, with a forested city inside it. Few are allowed to enter, and those that are are not permitted to know the location of the hidden city. The elves of Vala Enclavis lost contact with their brethren in the Great Forest centuries ago, at the time of the exodus of the dwarfs, and fear that they are lost. Vala Enclavis was, in days of old, simply an Elvish outpost on a particulalry green and beautiful Isle. It was never meant to become the centre of Elf civilisation.

Every expedition to contact the elves of the Great Forest has failed.

The elves practice a form of nature worship, worshiping and gaining their magic from the land. Elves are functionally immortal when in the presence of enough life/things that grown, and if killed near such things will eventually regenerate, as the plant life grows into them and sustains them. This can be prevented by severing the head of the elf in some way.

As a result, humans distrust elves somewhat. The elves despise the two large human powers, but without help, have no way of halting their spread, nor particularly an inclination. They believe that they can simply outlast them, and their "gods"

 As a result the elves have retreated inward almost entirely. They took no refugees from Felda, and are simply waiting for their time once more. An elf that ventures out of Vala Enclavis does so under very strange circumstances indeed. The Elves have mighty warriors and spellcasters in their midst.

Vala Enclavis

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